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Lindel's Plumbing | Indianapolis Plumbing Company

Lindel's Plumbing has been providing complete drain cleaning and plumbing services for commercial, industrial, and residential properties throughout Indianapolis and southeastern Indiana since 1993. 


We are a family-owned and operated business located in Shelbyville, IN. We travel throughout Indiana, but we primarily work in Hamilton, Hancock, Johnson, Marion, and Shelby counties.


Our company has delivered plumbing solutions for custom homes, single tract homes, apartment and condominium developments, commercial buildings, and factories. We have experience working with a variety of builders, contractors, homeowners, property managers, and realtors over the years.

All of our plumbers are enrolled in or have graduated from an Indiana accredited plumbing apprenticeship with several years of experience working under our company founder and licensed plumbing contractor Lindel Smith. Our plumbers have the experience needed to provide our customers with professional and quality service. 


Lindel Smith

Owner & Licensed Plumbing Contractor

Lindel began his career working as a drain cleaner and plumber's helper for various St. Louis and Indianapolis plumbing companies in the mid 1980's to early 1990's. When Lindel and his wife, Karen, moved to Shelbyville, Indiana in 1989, Lindel started his plumbing apprenticeship at Mechanical Skills, Inc. in Indianapolis. After graduating from his apprenticeship, Lindel sat to take his plumbing contractor's license exam. Shortly after receiving his plumbing contractor's license, Lindel and Karen Smith founded Lindel's Sewer and Drain LLC and are doing business as Lindel's Plumbing.

Karen Smith

Owner & Financial Administrator



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